Abri-Form Premium M0 (Pack of 26)

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The Abri-Form Premium MO all-in-one briefs provide 1500ml absorbency for moderate urinary and faecal incontinence. Fits hip/waist size: 27-43″



The Abri-Form Premium M0 all-in-one briefs provide 1500ml absorbency for heavier urinary and faecal incontinence and fit hip/waist size 27-43″.

Key benefits include:

• Absorbent core to trap in fluids, minimise skin contact and prevent leaks
• An odour control system to minimise risk of embarrassing odours
• A unique barrier system for maximum protection against leakage
• Suitable for faecal incontinence
• Flexible blue tape to allow movement
• A smooth back panel is designed to prevent bed sores
• A wetness indicator to signal when product needs changing
• Suitable for faecal incontinence.

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