Abri-Wing L2 (Pack of 14)

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The Abri-Wing L2 belted incontinence pads provide 2700ml absorbency for very heavy bladder leakage. Fits hip/waist size: 35-53″



The Abri-Wing L2 belted incontinence pads cater for very heavy urine leakage with 2700ml absorbency. Suitable for hip/waist size 35-53″, they can be an easier solution for some wheelchair or disabled users.

Key benefits include:

• Reusable fasteners allow for regular adjustment
• Low position of fixing point decreases pressure on stomach
• Textile-like backsheet promotes comfort and skin integrity
• Wetness indicator flags up when a change is required
• Leakage barriers ensure maximum protection against leakage
• Odour control system reduces risk of unpleasant smells
• Top dry system ensures rapid absorption and dry surface

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