About Us

We provide cutting-edge infection control products to businesses and care homes across the UK.

Our purpose

Cairn Care is an infection control specialist, dedicated to helping businesses, industry and care homes to control the spread of harmful pathogens in the work environment.
From tackling viruses such as 2019 Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Hepatitis B to bacteria such as MRSA and C.diff, our infection control products also protect against spores, fungi, yeasts and microbacteria.

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Our expertise

Our parent company, Cairn Technology, has worked with both the NHS and private hospitals for over twenty years to develop and provide cutting-edge health and safety services and products.
Realising that our hospital-grade products would also prove useful to the business and care home sectors, Cairn Technology set up Cairn Care.
Alongside a portfolio of professional hygiene products, Cairn Care also provides useful education and training materials to help customers tackle infections as effectively as possible.

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Our commitment

Cairn Care is dedicated to continually improving standards across industry and healthcare by using the latest technology, science and education to fight infection. If you have any product feedback, would like to see something in stock or have any training needs, please contact us at info@tempdomain2.site

Support for the health care sector

From Care Quality Commission approved cleaning products to premium continence care solutions, our product range allows care home staff to deliver hospital-grade cleanliness and dignified care to residents. Just click here to see our range.

Our team is always looking to bring the latest advances in technology to the market, meaning that our customers are always able to offer residents the best care possible.

We also recognise that education and training is crucial for busy care homes to maintain the high standards which residents deserve.

This is why Cairn Care has developed a comprehensive bank of downloadable educational resources for both care home managers and their staff.

Looking for an action plan to tackle a norovirus outbreak? A downloadable cleaning schedule? Or an effective handwashing guide?

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Or check out our blog which is packed with useful articles on infection control and continence care.