Training & Resources

Downloadable, easy to follow how to guides, action plans and training materials

The right training is essential for businesses and care homes, so we’ve put together a bank of plans, posters and guides for you and your team to use to stay up to speed. We’ll be adding to this page regularly so check back often, and let us know if there’s something you’d like to see.

6 Steps to stop the spread of coronavirus Poster

FREE poster to print and display.

Outlines the 6 steps that should be taken to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Spot the Signs Poster

FREE poster to print and display in your care home.

Outlines the key symptoms of Norovirus, C Diff and 'Flu - helping your team to speed up diagnosis and prevent the spread of infection by downloading and following one of our handy outbreak plans.

Norovirus Outbreak Action Plan

Winter vomiting bug or Norovirus is highly infectious and its bacteria are easily spread.

Download our step by step plan of action for your team to follow in the event of an outbreak in your care home.

C Diff Outbreak Action Plan

Clostridium Difficile has become known as a super bug because of it's high rate of recurrence - and this is what makes it a major problem within care homes.

With the right infection control measures in place, C Diff can be prevented, however in the event of an outbreak your team can follow our step by step action plan.

Influenza Outbreak Action Plan

Both care home residents and staff are at high risk from 'Flu because of the close quarters in which they live and work.

An outbreak might mean that you are temporarily without a full team, but for your residents it could be life threatening.

Follow our step by step guide to contain and kill all strains of 'Flu.

Carpets, Mattresses & Upholstery

Download our comprehensive guide to using Virusolve+ to clean and disinfect carpets and soft furnishings.

Virusolve+ is proven to kill viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi, and creates a residual barrier which lasts up to 7 days.

Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Formulated especially for use on hard surfaces, Virusolve+ FWC is a cost effective, one step solution providing cleaning and disinfection for care homes.

Virusolve+ FWC has been independently proven to kill everyday bacteria within 1 minute of contact and destroy superbugs in 5 minutes including MRSA, C.diff and Norovirus.

When diluted Virusolve+ has no COSHH implications - download the instructions here.

Trigger Spray

Ideal for everyday cleaning, Virusolve+ can be diluted for use in a trigger spray. Defra approved, the product is non-hazardous and suitable for use in food preparation areas.

When diluted it has no COSHH implications making the ideal choice for your care home. Download and follow the dilution instructions to get 100 trigger sprays from your 5l concentrate.

Effective Hand Washing

Hand Washing is a basic yet essential skill. It is one of the key elements that can prevent the spread of infection. We all do this every day - but are we doing it right?

Why not download and print our handy guide to display by your sinks and bathing facilities.

Emergency First Aid

Basic emergency first aid procedures are important for everyone.

You may think you know what to do in an emergency, but how fresh is your knowledge. Our handy downloadable sheet isn't a substitute for formal training, but could help your team remember what they've learned.

Print it out and put it somewhere visible!

Adult Choking

Our handy guide gives a step by step walkthrough of the standard procedure to help an adult who is choking.

This is important information to have as choking could happen at any time - to a resident, member of staff or a visitor.

Arm your team with the skills they need - download it today!

Daily Cleaning

Maintaining an ongoing cleaning routine is vital to prevent infection.

It can be tricky to know what should be done daily, weekly and monthly - so we've produced a downloadable routine and checklist to help your team stay on top of it.

A good routine can help combat common bugs, viruses and bacteria. Print our plan today.

Dignity in Care

We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with care, thats why we feel dignity and respect should be at the heart of all care homes.

We understand how busy and challenging your work can be, but your residents’ dignity must be at the forefront of your heart, mind and central to your actions at all times.