Coronavirus cleaning tips for businesses and care homes

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Coronavirus cleaning tips

If you are responsible for cleaning in a care home or other business with a view to minimising the spread of Coronavirus, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Myths and well-meant opinion abound on the Internet and with a virus that has only recently appeared on the scene, it is difficult for even experts to have a clear view of the facts.

That said, there has been research carried out already into how Covid-19 is spread and there is some very good advice out there about what steps you can take to tackle this Coronavirus.

So to help you, we have put together links to some articles and posters below that are well worth a read.

How long can Coronavirus stay on surfaces and can they infect you?

This article in New Scientist answers one of the most common questions we all find ourselves asking: how long does the virus last on different surfaces? The article also goes on to explain how the virus can be transmitted, not only by coughs and sneezes but also speaking and even diarrhoea.

To read the full article click here.

What products can destroy Coronavirus on surfaces?

If you don’t have access to a virucidal cleaner that’s not a problem. According to the NHS website, you can use “either soap and hot water to rinse the germs away, or a disinfectant to kill them.”

You can find loads more handy cleaning tips on the NHS website, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Click here for NHS cleaning advice.

Can a face mask protect me from Coronavirus?

Again, there seems to be a lot of conflicting opinion about how effective face masks are in tackling the spread of infection. This article from The Guardian website gives some useful insight into when wearing a mask could be worthwhile.

To read the full article click here.

Will plastic gloves stop me spreading Coronavirus?

As this article in Metro points out, gloves are effectively a second skin, so can also transfer Coronavirus from surface to surface. Whilst you might still need to use plastic gloves whilst using certain professional cleaning products, it is wise to remember that they still might be carrying Coronavirus, so plan for that accordingly.

To read the full article click here.

How can hand hygiene help me tackle Coronavirus?

Hand hygiene is important as if you touch any surfaces harbouring Coronavirus and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth, you can become infected yourself.

According to UK Government guidance, you should wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or hand sanitiser when you get home, arrive at work, blow your nose, sneeze, cough or eat and handle food.

If you are concerned that people in your workplace or care home are not doing this then it can be helpful to put up handy reminder posters in key areas such as toilets, canteens, kitchens and reception.

Click here to download the government poster and here for a useful visual handwashing guide.