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If you buy incontinence pads for residents in your care home, then the costs can really rack up.

Add to that the time it takes for your staff to change wet pads, clothes and bedding and it’s no wonder that many care homes would like to reduce the cost and time associated in continence care.

Well, here is something that just might help.

Want to reduce pad usage by up to 60%?

That’s exactly what one care home managed to do after taking part in a 3-week trial of our Abena continence pads.

What’s more, it cost them absolutely nothing to take part. In fact, they received two weeks’ worth of continence pads free of charge for 20 residents as part in the trial.

Whilst Abena pads are a premium product and certainly not the cheapest on the market, you can just imagine the ‘cost in use savings’ achieved by reducing pad usage to such an extent.

In fact, another care home not only found that they could reduce pad usage by 45%, but that they also had to change 74% fewer wet clothes and 71% fewer wet beds – now that’s a real time saving.

So how does the trial work?

The trial is run over a 3-week period and is headed up by one of Abena’s RGN-qualified Nurse Advisors.

It is completely free to your care home and there is no obligation to buy – even if after the trial you find you could make big savings by swapping to Abena products.

Here’s how the 3- week trial breaks down:

Week One

This first week is all about getting an accurate record of how many pads you currently change in one week.

The Abena nurse will show a named lead in your care home how to record this data for the residents taking part in the trial.

This is done using a simple tick box sheet, which records the number of pads changed and any wet beds or clothing.

Week Two

This second week is all about getting your staff trained up in how to fit Abena products correctly and how they work.

This is hands-on training and will ensure that when the pads are trialled in week three, they are used to best effect.

Having looked at the pads that you currently use, the nurse will bring in the most appropriate types of Abena pads for the residents taking part in the trial.

The nurse will then fully train your staff, including night staff, working alongside your team to support them and ensure that your residents’ needs are being met.

Of course, taking the training in continence pad usage from Abena, will not only enable your team to get the most from the trial, it will also allow them to demonstrate their continuing professional development in this area – another bonus that costs you nothing.

Week Three

Now that all staff have been fully trained and each resident in the trial is using the correct product, your team will record the data again for Week Three using the same tick box sheet as the one used in Week One.

What happens next?

At the end of the trial, the nurse will ask your staff to complete a post-evaluation questionnaire, so that they have the opportunity to tell us what they think about the products.

Using these evaluation forms and the data collected from the trial, we then put together a report on your usage of Abena pads compared to how many of your current pads you are using. This report is for your home to keep.

Want a free continence pad trial?

To be eligible for our free pad trial, you just need to have 20 to 25 residents for whom you buy pads that are happy to take part in the trial.

If you are interested in taking part in a free trial just call the Cairn Care team on 0845 226 0185 or email us at

We’re ready to help!
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